I.    The Math and Physics Class, Chinese Music Class and PE Class in the 7th grade    

   1.  Extra curriculum in Math and Physics ClassIncluding advanced math course, advanced computer course, and science experiment.  Encourage students to participate in various outside-school contests, such as IMO (International Mathematics Olympic).

2.      Extra curriculum in Chinese Music ClassIncluding basic training, group practice 2 hours a week, whole-class practice 3 hours a week and intensive training on Saturday.

3.  Extra curriculum in PE ClassIncluding stamina training, swimming skills training 8 hours a week and encourge students to participate in various outside-school contests.

   II.   English Experimental Class and Science Experimental Class  (pictures>>)

1.      English Experimental ClassOn Saturday mornings English teachers at SSJH teach reading and writing and a foreign English teacher teaches listening and speaking.

2.      Science Experimental ClassOn Saturday mornings students do the experiment, solve the math problems and visit the Southern Region Weather Center.

III.   All kinds of contests

1.   Hold the contests of Chinese composition, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese word  recognition, and sketching from nature.

2.   Hold the contests of English songs and story-telling.

3.   Attend contests of language in Tainan City, such as English songs, story-telling, Chinese composiotion, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese word recognition,    and English drama.

4.   Hold the competition of English and Chinese typing as well as computer drawing.

5.  Attend Apec Cyber Academy -International Online Contest (pictures>>)

IV.  Camping (pictures>>)

1.   Organize the three-day camping for the 8th grade students every year.

 V.  Athletic Meet

1.      Hold competition of all kinds of sports

2.      Hold the school fair